Sidney Powell amends court filing that mistakenly said Georgia votes were flipped from Biden to Trump


Sidney Powell’s Kraken needs an editor.

Despite being cut loose from President Donald Trump’s legal team, Powell is forging ahead with her election-conspiracy crusade to overturn Joe Biden’s presidential win.

But the conservative attorney’s self-described Kraken keeps getting its tentacles tied in a knot of typos and errors — including the recent backward claim, later amended, that a pernicious voting algorithm took votes from Biden and flipped them to Trump.

Powell corrected the error later Friday, citing CNBC as she explained the mistake to a federal appeals court, which she is asking to decertify the results of Georgia’s presidential race.

The initial, mixed-up message claimed in a filing that „machine-controlled algorithms deliberately run by Dominion Voting Systems … generally took more than 2.5% of the votes from Mr. Biden and flipped them to Mr. Trump for a more than 5% fraudulent vote increase for Mr. Biden.“

That claim — that votes had been improperly handed to Trump, which somehow resulted in a net increase in votes for Biden — was „Bassakwards,“ Powell admitted in an email to CNBC.

„If I had a Nicole for every mistake I’ve made in life, I could retire,“ Powell’s email to a reporter said. „Wish I had you as a proofreader at 1 a.m.“

In a later filing to amend the brief, Powell explained that „Counsel for Plaintiffs are a small team handling multiple significant cases in four states.“


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