mergers and sideways Bitcoin price propel DeFi tokens higher

Werbung has been busy announcing a slew of mergers in the past week, and these have the decentralized finance space buzzing once again. Just after the Yearn and Pickle Finance merger, Yearn has announced a partnership with Cream to launch Cream v2.

Some of the key takeaways are that teams from both protocols will merge their development resources and Yearn vault shares can be kept as a collateral to borrow on Cream. Yield farmers might also benefit as Yearn vault strategies will have access to leverage through Cream.

The collaboration has also planned several releases for the future. Cream will launch Stable Credit, the proposed lending platform being built by Yearn and a zero-collateral protocol credit solution is also in the pipeline.

Crypto market data daily view. Source: Coin360 founder Andre Cronje also announced a merger with SushiSwap on Dec. 1, describing it as “one of the more aggressive synergies.” The core items will be put up for a vote via governance to make it official.

While both tokens and governance will remain separate, each project plans to hold each other’s tokens in their treasuries.

Both teams will merge development resources and their liquidity pools into a single lending pool that will boost the total value locked.

Ultimately, SushiSwap will become the automated market maker of choice for Yearn’s yield farming strategies and Yearn will help create xSushi vaults to farm SUSHI, Ether (ETH), YFI and Wrapped BTC (wBTC).

The news of mergers and aquisitions led to a strong rally in several DeFi tokens, but can they continue their journey higher?

Let’s analyze the charts of the top three movers to find out.